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Quit Smoking Save your Money -How Much ??? Lakh Rupees in your Pocket

Let us do a small calculation to understand the importance of saving Money. We take
a smoking guy for an example and he spends 15rupees average for a day and assume
he smokes all the day in a year. The person smoking habit continues for 10years.Below
is the calculation how much he would have spent only for smoking for 10 years for a
day average of spending of 15 rupees.
For one day   1x15            = 15 Rupees
For one Year 365x15        = 5475 Rupees
For Ten Year 10x365x15   = 54750 Rupees.
 Is this the real value of your money you have spent on daily smoking for Ten Years?
Let us assume you stopped smoking from New year and started to save 15 rupees
each day. How much amount you would be getting if you save daily for 15 days.
Yes all you think and say you will be getting Rs 54750 as the saving as smoking
stopped But the real value of your money at the end of tenth year it would be
Rs 126653.9047 How! How! How!
You are not going to save more than 15rupees perday; we are not going to make any magic to get this
 money then How?
Let us assume each day 15 rupees saved by quitting smoking for year and the amount saved in bank or
Invested in mutual fund or in share market
Which would give average return of 12% every year?
Year    Days    Day Save        Year Save       Total  
0       365     15      5475    6132   
1       365     15      5475    12999.84       
2       365     15      5475    20691.82       
3       365     15      5475    29306.84       
4       365     15      5475    38955.66       
5       365     15      5475    49762.34       
6       365     15      5475    61865.82       
7       365     15      5475    75421.72       
8       365     15      5475    90604.32       
9       365     15      5475    107608.8       
10      365     15      5475    126653.9       
Rupees 126653 will be in your pocket after 10years.So think about value of money and saving.

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