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Sony Ericsson Mobile Tips - 3

How To Install Games On Your Sony Erricson
Applies to most SE phones. Especially the new breeds of walkman phones, and k750i

If u have an infrared, or bluetooth device on your pc, you send the files to your phone and u'll receive it like a sms. (This method if for phones which do not have USB cable to connect to PC, then u have no choice but to do this)

please note: unlike nokia phones, SE or at least most of them, after receiving an installation file through bluetooth or infrared, will prompt u immediately to install it. If u choose no, thinking u'll install it later, well, u cant do that, as the file will be deleted. At the same time, if u click yes, after a successful installation, the file will auto delete itself.

Therefore, if you transfer multiple games to your cellphone via this method, u'll have to do it one at a time.

But the recommended way would be to use a usb cable, and transfer the installation files to your phone. Save it in the folder memorycard(MMSEMC or something equivalent)> media files folder > Other.

Then, use the file manager to access the folder. The installation file will be there. Install, and enjoy.

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