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Sony Ericsson Mobile Tips - 1

These Instruction will help you to check some most important things about your Sony ericsson Mobiles.This is common for all the mobile.Type the below given code and check your phone for more information.

*#06#      -> Displays imei
*#7465625*12*xxxxxxxx#   -> where xxxxxxxx is the unlock code
*#7465625*XX*xxxxxxxx#  -> where xxxxxxxx is sim code
XX can be:
12 for NCK lock
22 for Provider Lock
32 for Network Lock
42 for SIM code Lock
52 for Subset Lock
62 for Corporate Lock
72 for IMSI Personal
99 for IMSI Range
*#9275625*11*xxxxxxxx#     -> where xxxxxxxx is Wap code
*#00xx#            -> Changes Language (xx is your country code)
*#0000000#      -> Resets Language to auto-selection
*#7465625        -> Displays SIM Lock Status
*#7353273#      -> Displays Firmware Version
*#78737322867973738#   -> Super Factory Reset
*#73287489263373738#   -> Resets Security Code to 0000
*09*(PIN Code)#    -> Turns PIN Code On[This is personal identification number]
#09*(PIN Code)#    -> Turns PIN Code Off [This is personal identification number]

1 comment:

  1. I tried this and it wont work for my Sony Ericsson. So i got the code from http://www.mobile-unlocker.com/ and unlocked.



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