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Google SMS Channels: Send SMS Text Messages to your Group for Free

google smsGoogle India has just introduced a free SMS service called Google SMS Channels that lets you subscribe to news alerts, blog updates and other kinds of information like horoscopes, jokes, stocks or even cricket scores via SMS text messages.
If you are based in India and like to subscribe to this site on your mobile phone via SMS, please join the Digital Inspiration SMS channel on Google. You don’t pay anything to send or receive SMS messages using Google SMS Channels.
Google SMS Channels, which seems to have lot in common with SMS Gupshup, is free both for content publishers as well as mobile phone users who subscribe to text updates via SMS.
Families or friends can create private SMS groups on Google SMS channels and stay in touch via SMS without paying any fees to their mobile carrier.

Some Channel:

google sms channels
Other than receiving blog RSS feeds via SMS, you may also use the Google SMS service to get news alerts and weather information on your phone.
Another interesting part – you don’t really need a mobile phone to send an SMS to your group as there’s an option in Google SMS channels that lets you can compose and send SMS messages via the web itself. It supports English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.
Google SMS channels currently works only with with phone numbers of India but they are “working towards making this service available to international numbers.” Thanks Amit Somani.
To search for an SMS channel from the mobile phone, just SMS ‘SEARCH ‘ to 9870807070.
To unsubscribe to an SMS channel from the phone, SMS ‘OFF ‘, to 9870807070 where is the name of the channel.

Google SMS Channels: Send Free SMS Messages to a Group

Google in India launched a new Labs service called Google SMS Channels, as Digital Inspiration reports. Digital Inspiration explains the service “lets you subscribe to news alerts, blog updates and other kinds of information like horoscopes, jokes, stocks or even cricket scores via SMS text messages,” adding that Google SMS Channels are “free both for content publishers as well as mobile phone users who subscribe to text updates via SMS.”

Some Example to Subscribe:


Sony Ericsson Mobile Tips - 3

How To Install Games On Your Sony Erricson
Applies to most SE phones. Especially the new breeds of walkman phones, and k750i

If u have an infrared, or bluetooth device on your pc, you send the files to your phone and u'll receive it like a sms. (This method if for phones which do not have USB cable to connect to PC, then u have no choice but to do this)

please note: unlike nokia phones, SE or at least most of them, after receiving an installation file through bluetooth or infrared, will prompt u immediately to install it. If u choose no, thinking u'll install it later, well, u cant do that, as the file will be deleted. At the same time, if u click yes, after a successful installation, the file will auto delete itself.

Therefore, if you transfer multiple games to your cellphone via this method, u'll have to do it one at a time.

But the recommended way would be to use a usb cable, and transfer the installation files to your phone. Save it in the folder memorycard(MMSEMC or something equivalent)> media files folder > Other.

Then, use the file manager to access the folder. The installation file will be there. Install, and enjoy.

Sony Ericsson Mobile Tips - 2

How to check the firmware-Diagnose SONY ericsson Mobile
> * < < * < *
> means press the joystick to the right
< means press the joystick to the left
* means press the * button (bottom left)

press the sequence in standby screen.
just ignore whatever shows up on ur screen, keep on pressing the sequence...
a hidden menu will shows up, select service info, then software info...
u'll see some lines of text...
the first line is the firmware version...

it can be used to help you to  diagnose your  phone's system...
pecially hardware (eg. keypad, LCD screen, loudspeaker, etc.)

Sony Ericsson Mobile Tips - 1

These Instruction will help you to check some most important things about your Sony ericsson Mobiles.This is common for all the mobile.Type the below given code and check your phone for more information.

*#06#      -> Displays imei
*#7465625*12*xxxxxxxx#   -> where xxxxxxxx is the unlock code
*#7465625*XX*xxxxxxxx#  -> where xxxxxxxx is sim code
XX can be:
12 for NCK lock
22 for Provider Lock
32 for Network Lock
42 for SIM code Lock
52 for Subset Lock
62 for Corporate Lock
72 for IMSI Personal
99 for IMSI Range
*#9275625*11*xxxxxxxx#     -> where xxxxxxxx is Wap code
*#00xx#            -> Changes Language (xx is your country code)
*#0000000#      -> Resets Language to auto-selection
*#7465625        -> Displays SIM Lock Status
*#7353273#      -> Displays Firmware Version
*#78737322867973738#   -> Super Factory Reset
*#73287489263373738#   -> Resets Security Code to 0000
*09*(PIN Code)#    -> Turns PIN Code On[This is personal identification number]
#09*(PIN Code)#    -> Turns PIN Code Off [This is personal identification number]

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I got this useful information from friends and thought sharing this here would help all the readers in many way.I have given all official goverment weblinks here,Click and get your work done online.Please post your comment ,and if any new weblinks to be added along with this i will update it.
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