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My Phone Explorer - SONY Ericsson Mobile Software

In the past i used to thing if there is a software that helps to transfer SMS from Mobile to PC it will be very good to save all the SMS message from phone to computer.After a long search in the net finally find one good software " My Phone Explorer " that does more than what we except.I have given few things that we can do with this "My Phone Explorer" but when you use this software you can get to know the full features of it.

Some features of
My Phone Explorer 

Save messages from phone to PC
  •   We often realize there is no enough space in our phone to keep all the received SMS in Inbox but we don't feel to delete the message as it is important SMS.With the help of My phone Explorer it is possible to Save Messages From Phone To Pc and later if you would like to transfer this messages from PC to your sony ericssion mobile phone it can be exported to phone using the import/export option.
Compose Message in computer and send the message through your Mobile Phone
  • Many times we feel typing SMS is tough and time consuming one,if there is a option to compose the message in pc and can be sent just in one click it will be useful .Using the My phone explorer we can type SMS in computer and send through mobile phone
  • Adding more recipient is easy using My phone explorer
Add or Delete Contacts in SIM or PHONE
  • All the contacts available in phone memory or in SIM memory can be easily edited,deleted,added from computer.
  • It is possible to take back up of the available contacts.
Notification of  incoming calls and SMS in your Computer
  • if your mobile phone is connected with computer using Bluetooth or data cable and My phone explorer running on your PC you can receive the call in your PC and you can see the incoming SMS in you computer.
  • It allows to make a outgoing call from PC and allows to send SMS from PC to phone.
  • You can see incoming, outgoing ,missed calls details in your pc and can be taken a back up
Organizer - Calender Notes Alarms
  • View modify edit change Notes,Alarms and calender details from PC
Messages  - Inbox Drafts Sent Items Saved Items Archive in computer
  • Easily import or export SMS and read the SMS available in Inbox,Drafts, Sent Items, Saved Items,Archive
  • Archive the messages to computer.
  • Import the messages and save the messages in word or excel or HTML format.
  • Delete the unwanted message of your phone from PC.
  • Move the messages from one folder to another folder by drag and drop method.
  • Mark the already read messages to Un Read message from your PC and it will update in Phone.
Files  Memory Card ,Applications
  • View the files available in phone memory card and in external memory card
  • Add ,copy ,save,edit the phone data from computer.
  • Start your phone application from computer like Game,Youtube etc.
 Others- Profile, Monitor, Memory status
  • Change the phone profile from Computer.
  • Check the memory status and other status using my phone explorer.
To download the software Click here. If you have any doubts post a comment.

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