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How to make srt/avi subtitles bigger when playing in DVD Player

In this post i am going to give you "how to make external added  srt/avi subtitles bigger when playing in DVD ".Now a days there are many source where we download the DIVx movie file in the format of .avi ,but when playing this files with DVD player the external subtitles are displaying too small and this external subtitles are not viewable ,there is a program available to make external subtitle bigger when playing in DVD player. First download the files from here and follow the below given description

AVIAddXSubs is a simple free program to incorporate subtitles from .srt (ANSI text, up to 2 srt) or idx/sub (containing up to 8 subtitles) quickly and easily to your avi files containing DivX/XVid video streams.Just place the avi and its associated (same name) srt in the same directory and Drag&Drop the avi on AVIAddXSubs icon or shortcut in your desktop.
In 2-3 minutes a new file with divx extension will be created and be ready to play in your hardware DivX player. IdxSub2Srt is included in AVIAddXSub, convert idx/sub to SRT using OCR.

Note that when viewing the movie file after converting subtitle is not displayed when running in computer players to avoid problems keep the original subtitles in the same folder in same name as given for movie file this will show the external subtitle when watching movie in computer player. For playing in DVD player no need to add the subtitle .srt file as we have embedded the file in the movie file using the software.

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