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How to import Bookmarks to Mozilla Firefox - Internet Explorer

Here is the detail on "How to import Bookmarks to Mozilla Firefox "To import bookmarks from IE browser to Mozilla Firefox refer the steps given below.Once imported bookmarks will appear in the current bookmark list. Many people using Mozilla as the default browser now a days but when switching from IE browser to Mozilla this would be helpful to keep all your IE bookmarked item appear in Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox 3: 
"Bookmarks >Organize Bookmarks > Import and Backup >>> Import HTML...>>> from an HTML File"
Firefox 2 and earlier:
"Bookmarks >>> Organize (or Manage) Bookmarks >>> File >>> Import >>> From File"
Mozilla Suite -SeaMonkey 1.x:
"Bookmarks >>> Manage Bookmarks >>> Tools >>> Import" 

Browse to the folder containing the bookmarks HTML file, select the file you wish to import and click "open". The imported bookmarks will be added to your existing bookmarks.

Import or Export Bookmarks to IE browser :

If you are willing to use Internet Explorer as your default browser , you can follow the below steps to  import favorites from different  sources, including another web browser , from an HTML document.
1. In Internet Explorer, from the File menu, choose Import and Export. This will open the Import/Export Wizard option >>> click next.
2. Select Import Favorites >>> click Next.
3. To import links from another program, select the radio button for Import from an Application, and make a selection from the drop-down menu. If you have more than one profile set up for the program you are importing from, the list will contain all available profiles.
Choose the profile from which you want to import the bookmarks.
4. To import from an HTML file, select the radio button for Import from a File or Address, and type the path or URL of the file in the field provided.
5. Click Next.
6. Internet Explorer will prompt you for a location within your favorites to store the imported items.
7. Click Next, and then click Finish.
8. You should then see a message saying that the favorites were successfully imported. Click OK.


If you've already assembled a list of favorites, you can also export those to a file, so you can transfer them to another browser or computer.
1. In Internet Explorer, from the File menu, choose Import and Export... . This opens the Import/Export Wizard.
2. Click Next.
3. Select Export Favorites, and click Next.
4. You will see a list of folders. Unless you want to export only a portion of your bookmarks, make sure the top folder (labeled Favorites) is highlighted, and click Next.
If you want to export only one of the subfolders, highlight that folder and click Next.
5. The "Export Favorites Destination" page will appear. Select Export to a File or Address. The default destination is normally your My Documents folder, and the default name of the file is bookmark.htm. To change the name, click in the field where the path is, go to the end, and change bookmark.htm to whatever name you want to give it.
If you want to change the destination, click Browse... , and select where you want to save the file.
6. Click Next, and then click Finish.
Your favorites will be saved as a file in the location you chose, where you can copy them, email them, or import them into another web browser.

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