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Wealthgeo.com/Wealthgeo website Aim is to provide Financial Stock Market,Binary option trading,crypto currencies trade ,Forex trading and Feature and option trading and help in terms of investment ideas ,area for investments ,technical stuff related to financial markets for making wealth. After years of research i found the way to share financial market fundamental and technical info updates in this website. To know more follow and subscribe to this website.

Earn Money from Internet - Only For Indians

Recently i found one Indian website RupeeMail offering Online money making for reading the mails sent from the website.Additionally it will pay 2 rupees for each log in that is referred by you.The site is only for Indian citizen or who is having address in INDIA.When registering for online money making through this site please make sure you are providing all the true data to create your account.To create an account clcik here and start earning today.
To Join Click below:          To Check My Credit Enlarge This


Friend just last night i posted this in this blog and informed my friends to visit the Rupee Mail using my referral ID ,Two of my friends just registered in rupee mail and confirmed the confirmation mail sent to their link,Four rupees got credited in my account according to "Launch offer - Special Referral Bonus"  offer.This offer will be limited period offer so use this opportunity and earn money by spending just 5minutes in internet.

Know about share market

Do you feel to improve your share market knowledge,I have given some links below you can visit and learn yourself.
Sites in Tamil
Sites In English
Post your comments and provide if you know more sites we will add it here soon.

Earn Money Online

Here is the site to earn money online the registration is free and for watching adds will pay you money and in a month you will eran around 63Dollors that is equivalent to 4000 INR. To register click here and follow the steps given below.Please note once you started earning refer your friends by your referral number.Each time your friends click the advertisement you will be getting 0.01dollars and it will be credited in your account.When your account reaches 10Dollars you will get a cheque.If you have earned more than 10 dollars you can request cheque for the total amount.Every month of 10th the check will be issued if the credit 10dollars is reached in your account.

The site is verified by many user so we don't need to fear of wasting time.If it is not a good site i will not recommend you.Here is the form details where you need to fill up your original details.Please note that you must provide original details if not cheque will not be paid. 

1.Username -do not forgot the username this will be your login name.
2.Password -Do not disclose the password.

3.Enter the promotional code "2944931"  below in the rounded  box.

4.Submit the registration ,you will be getting one confirmation mail to your account ,so provide all the original data.Go you your mail and open the mail send it to your mail account click and confirm the clixsense confirmation.
5.Once your account is confirmed go to site clixsense.com and loging using your username and password.
6.Click HOME on the top of the webpage 

7. You will be seeing 5 to 10 advertisement in the page click each advertisement,click each advertisement and wait for 30seconds.After 30Seconds 0.01 dollar will be credited in your account.

Do not try this your account will be disabled:

1.Do not create multiple account from single computer.
2.Do not click multiple times in a single advertisement
3.Do not open all the advertisement at time.open one at a time wait for 30Seconds close the page and open and start earning.
To Earn more follow the below:
1. Go to HOME and you will be getting below menu in the side bar
Clicke on "Affliate program"

that will give you one web link,Send it to your friend and tell them to register in clixsense using your referral number. 
2.For Each registration of your friend using your referral number you will be getting 2Dollar bonus.
3.Every time your friend click on advertisement you get 0.005dollar in your account.
4.More than 10000 people earning from this website,reliable website start earning.

For your doubts post a comment in the below link,if you are satisfied refer this blog to your friend.

Keep viewing the  site regularly ,i will post other trustable online money earning tips soon. 

Send Free unlimited SMS to Russia MTC mobiles

Hi,You can send unlimited Free SMS to Russian MTC network mobiles now.Its good and SMS delivery is great.We can send many SMS absolutely free of cost from PC.There are two sites available to send SMS to Russia one is in Russian language another one is in English language.

1.To Send English Free SMS using
russian language FREE SMS site clicke here.

2.To Send Engllish Free SMS to russian Mobile phones clicke here

3.Sometimes the site will not open in direct link,if you face that problem open google and search the below sms.mts.ru or mtsgmsm.com/sendsms in the result you will get a link click and enjoy the unlimited Free sms to Russia mobiles.
For further question post a comment by clicking post comment and you like the post refer your friends

Send Free Sms Across India

To Send SMS through  Apna Free SMS click below

Free international calls using VOIP

Many people still thinking there is no way to reduce making international call charges.With the help of inernet connection and computer this is possible.Voice over internet protocol is a technique that allows free international calls from pc to mobile worldwide.There are increasing voip service providers in internet world offerring cheap international calls over mobile phone.Betamax is one of the company providing excellent voip international calls at very low rate.The advantage of using the voice over internet voip is cheap, ISD call rates are very low and can talk with your foriegn friends through mobile.Here we are going to see how we can make a international calls either from PC or from you mobile to your abraod friend mobile number without paying actual internation calling rate defined by your mobile service provider.Some of VOIP provider offer free calls to many destination.

Before going to see the instruction and setup procedure for pc to phone international calls to make free cheap international calls ,one example that will definitely show you how much you can save from international calling when comparing pc to phone calls with normal ISD call rates.Let us take a person who makes call from India to USA over his mobile phone ,per minute call charges will be around 7 rupess in other words 0.15$ .
if the person making call through PC to phone all voip  service the call charges will be less than  1rupees in other words 0.02$ or even free some times to some destinations.
Please read the below setup instruction and other details and enjoy the  free cheap international calls to mobile or phone over Voice over internet protocol.

1.First select which VOIP serivice provider is cheap to call your destination.To Know the cheapest VOIP provider pls click here.
2.After selecting the cheap pc to phone Voip serivice download the intallable software.To download the software click here or go to the respective site.

3.Install the downloaded software and Run.
4.We need to create one time Username and Password for your VOIP account.This is required ,please do not disclose the password to anyone,we can use this account to get credit for calling ,and to make phone to phone cheap calls using VOIP.

Note phone to phone calls will not be charged by your mobile service       provider.
5. Once it is successfully created,visit the website and there you will see login option.
6  Login using your username and password.
7.Left side the credit will be shown as 0.00Euro,Buy credit as much as you want.Please note the minimum credit you can recharge is 10dollors or 10 Euro depending on the service provider.
8.Follow the instruction for recharging once it is done the credit will come to your account within a minute,if credit is not shown refresh the page and check the credit.

9.Once you have recharged you can make a call using the voip from PC to Phone call or Phone to Phone Call.Please read the below steps about the differance of pc to phone call and phone to phone call.

Making PC to Phone Call using Voip

Before an attempt your headset is connected properly and make sure it is working fine.To make a internation pc to phone call using VOIP with the help of internet connection,open the already installed voip software program for example if you have installed "JUMBLO" open the software loging using already created username and password.

After logging in you will see dial pad and using the dial pad you can make a call that will connect to your relative mobile number directly.this is not only for mobile phones you can make call to landline also.When makeing call dial the number in international format.For example if you want to call india mobile number 9xxxxxxxx first put +919xxxxxxxxx where 91 is a international ISD code for india.Making call in this way is much cheaper.

Making Phone to Phone Call using Voip 
 if you want to talk phone to phone international cheap call you can use this method.

1.First login to the website in which you have created the account ,Select the option "phone to phone "
2.After selecting the right side given option will appear select the appropriate number you want to connect and provide your number in the box and give call now.Now your phone will be ringing pickup the call and once you pick up the ring will go to your relative number and connected.You can talk each other.After the conversation disconnect the call charging per minute call will be stopped.In the method it is costlier than pc to phone call but cheaper than normal ISD call.Please post your comments and follow the link for more update on voip.


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